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The Fifth Postcard Design Contest kicks off in Bengbu
The Fifth Postcard Design Contest kicks off in Bengbu
| China Post |2021-03-29

On the morning of March 26, 2021, the launching ceremony, together with a series of relevant cultural events, of the 5th Postcard Design Contest and the 3rd "I Love Pandas" International Children's Postcard Painting Contest kicked off in Bengbu, Anhui.

The contest is sponsored by China Post Group Corporation Limited, organized by China Post Media Advertising Corporation, China Post News, Newspapers and Periodicals Distribution Bureau of China Post Group, and supported by Nanjing Yuanjing Culture and Tourism Development Company Limited, Xiamen TaiNeng Group, and other companies.

With “conveying core values to empower industry and leading creativity for win-win outcomes” as the theme of the events, the contest is a cultural campaign that uses postcard as the carrier and painting as the form to spread traditional Chinese culture, carry forward the core socialist values, and promote the prosperity and unity of China. While maintaining the philosophy of previous contests, this contest will set about building a platform for cultural and creative design exchanges, and push forward innovation design to empower industry, thus fostering new growth driver for the cultural creative industry in China.

The contest has a choice of 8 subject matters including revolutionary matters, my hometown, landscape and human, traditional culture, sports and so on. All the finalist works will be further selected offline at the cultural creative industry incubation base of China Post Media, where various resource dealers will be invited to choose excellent works, helping convert those with commercial promotion potentials into official cultural and creative products, thus realizing commercial operation. To make it a professional contest, experts from Tsinghua University, China Artists Association, International Commercial Art Designer Association and other institutions are invited to serve as judges. All works that win recognition award and above will have the opportunity to be incubated, and will be disseminated through China Post Media’s smart platform, livestream, O2O exhibitions and other forms. As a result, their designers can get the corresponding design fee according to the total amount of production.

Besides, the events also include drawing the 2021 stamped greeting cards and the first issue of the 2021 ordinary cards with lottery tickets, launching the 3rd “I Love Pandas” International Children’s Postcard Painting Contest, unveiling the No.1 Cultural Creative Industry Incubation Base of China Post Media, exhibiting the award-winning works of the contest, promoting customized DIY postcards and so on.

On the afternoon of March 26, the Postcard and China Cultural Creative Industry Prospect Forum was held in the Caoshan Industrial Design Town of Bengbu, Anhui. The invited guests exchanged their views on the present situation and trend of postcard and cultural creative industry, the development of cultural creative products and the patterns of their supply chain. They also shared their experiences in the development and operations of the key theme post offices in China. Afterwards, the guests visited the customized workshop of China Post and experienced the production of cultural and creative products in the workshop.

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